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Tell us what you think!

It's amazing how many emails we recieve each week from locals and visitors alike, who want to air their opinion on what's happening around them.

We add many of them to this page so, if you have an opion or comment, send it to us and you might just see it here!
Here's what the locals are talking about:
I think it would be a great idea to close Hibberson street to traffic. There could be a pedestrian mall which would really liven up the area.
Jodie, Palmerston.
I am so sick of the graffiti all over the place - it makes Gungahlin look dirty and tacky. I think people who get caught doing this should be 'named and shamed'. Perhaps in the Chronicle or even this website.
Olivia, Ngunnawal.
The Town Centre area is too crowded already, but keeping cars out could help.
Rob, Amaroo.
Get to see this website back again - it is a must visit for locals - I'll help spread the word.
Kate, Ngunnawal
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Re: Hibberson Street - possible closure to cars:
Brilliant idea! It's such busy street and difficult to negotiate for both cars and pedestrians. Should've been done years ago for the safety of everyone. It would also provide a safe place for Christmas parades, perhaps an annual gungahlin festival? The possibilities are endless.

Also in regards to concerns about on street parking for the shops on hibberson - there are so few parks available to the general public (mostly loading zones, taxi ranks instead) and those that are are ALWAYS filled, not many people would be worse off in any case.

Also closing in and maybe putting some sort of roof over top could help draw the outlying businesses more into the flow of pedestrian traffic and create an outdoor 'mall' style shopping centre which would be more connected than the current arrangment.
Emma, Harrison